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Monday, March 30, 2009

Swept Away

Sometimes you just have to be impulsive. This framed piece, which sits atop our new headboard (which Phil & I designed and created) in our bedroom, is such an example. I had painted a canvas with the turquoise blue and purply color that are accent colors in our room. The canvas was slightly textured, and I just wanted to get the colors on there. After playing around with the colors and a spray bottle of water, I felt the colors were fine, but it lacked a focal point.

So I spotted a bottle of shiny black paint on my art table, impulsively flipped open the lid, and with 2 sweeping motions, poured the paint across the canvas. The smudge on the right was an accidental drip, but I like it. As the black paint dried, it blended in a bit because of the water on the canvas, and looked a bit softer. This piece just wouldn't work without that black! As I'm looking at it here, the words "Swept Away" came to mind. The piece itself has a movement of its own, plus the fact that I was swept away by impulsively pouring that black paint. Perfect name.

Oh, and the Number Two piece beside it, I just found today at Home Goods on clearance for $5. It was a distressed cream color, but I spraypainted it shiny silver. And the frame for my canvas, was one I found on clearance several months ago at Hobby Lobby: $4.20. Art on the cheap. I love it!


  1. I really like your art...welcome to the Collagecats group also!! I love your choice of color in your work. Ann

  2. Thanks so much Ann, for the comments and for stopping by. Marge

  3. Yes, perfect title for your piece. It's great and - your "find" - love the two pieced together on your headboard.