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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Addison's Assemblage

Here is a little assemblage, created by my 4-year-old granddaughter, Addison. I came across it, after she had left. These are some of her favorite things to play with when she comes here--stones and "jewels" and shells--never toys!! I love it. I may have to use this photo in my art; so simple and innocent, yet so perfect. (And she would SAY that! "Perfect, Grandma!"

Friday, July 23, 2010

My First Assemblage!

Well, maybe not my first, but the first one that I feel is original and not "in a box." This is definitely Out of the Box! I've been perusing a new book by Annie Lockhart called "Objects of Reflection:A Soulful Journey through Assemblage." Her approach is one I can relate to, and I found that this piece sort of made itself, bit by bit. I did not begin with a theme in mind, but as it built itself, I could see that this was a story that has been wanting to be told for awhile.
I ran across this quote, and thought it perfectly represented what I was trying to convey. When I have a cup of tea, it's a little break, no matter how brief, from reality. It's often not even a conscious journey, but I can feel its calming effect nontheless.
This elegant lady reminds me how I feel related to all the women, past and future, who have a cup of tea in the afternoon. Her gauzy cloak evokes a dream-like quality to me.
The use of an actual teabag hopefully lends an aroma to the piece (I have no sense of smell, so I'm not sure). And the colorful paper erupting from the tea holder, and the spray of beads, add to the idea of the burst of flavor. (I do still have a bit of sense of taste.)
Although you can't see the whole spoon here, it is a beautiful gold spoon, which relates to the elegance of tea. The base of the banana holder is covered in metal that has been texturized, and it's all atop a metal valentine heart, evoking a sense of love. Atop the valentine is collaged postcards and writings, as I often have my tea while opening the mail. There is much more to this assemblage, but then that's the joy of it! Every time you look at it, you see something different.

Not sure what its title is yet. But it will come to me.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here is a piece I finished today. It's the theme of my 2nd art show, coming up August 28. I feel that my art is in a transition period right now. I am exploring new substrates, new media, and different techniques, while adhering to my love of collage. This shows the cocoons on the left (fabric beads), text from the dictionary page that contains "transitions" and the emerging butterfly. It's difficult to see here, but the butterfly actually appears to be part of the canvas (because it is!).

The tape measure symbolizes the steps I've taken over the years. I'm pleased with the final result--after many layers, scratches, gessoing, and embellishing. My favorite parts are the window screen upon which the letters rest, and the charm in the upper right.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get to the printers to get postcards made.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Went to StampThyme today in Lockport. I go once or twice a year--and this is why! I spend way too much money. But you know, I just HAD to have these things. They will all add to my creative repetoire, right? Plus, I'm helping out the economy by spending money at an independently-owned store. OK, I've justified enough.

Here's what I got: A Compendium of Curiosities, book by Tim Holtz. It was just filled with great ideas and inspiration. Of course, it lends towards buying all his products, too. But I can use these ideas as trampolines to jump into other ideas. And a quick trip to the hardware store will suffice.

Also: Two 3-packs of minicanvases. At the store, they had a sample of a triptych of houses, hinged together. They were so so cool. And I'm still into this House Theme. I can think of a couple of ways to use them already.

Stamps: Two geometric-types that will be cool for all-over patterning or to add to a focal point. And a set of 8 birds plus 1 egg, that are very realistic. I love birds.

Tim Holtz's grungeboard alphabet set that has embossed stripes. They can also be used as stencils, masks, etc. AND Caludine Hellmuth's sticky-back canvas, just because I've read about it and I'm curious as to how I might use it in a collage.

Round metal circles in which I can place mini-collages. Tiny round irridescent stickers that I use for a variety of things (often on ATC's), and Tim Holtz's memo pins. You stick them into a base (or canvas, or whatever), and then you can put something within the split-ring circle, like the photo holders.

AND he wrapped my stamps in this lovely patterned tissue paper, which will also get used in a collage or two.

OK, I'm off to play!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fence Art

I just finished these long pieces and wasn't sure what to do with them. What are they, you might ask? Well, when we installed new faux wood blinds in our bedroom, there were extra slats. I, of course, couldn't bear to throw them away, even though I had no idea what I might use them for. A few weeks ago, I decided to gesso them, front and back, and then they sat on my studio floor for a few more weeks. Then I had some leftover paints on my palette from a project, so I started playing around on the slats.
Before I knew it, I had a strong geometric thing going, so I continued with that vein. I ended up with 8 strongly-designed slats, resembling flag motifs. Still, I wasn't sure what I might do with them, but the flag idea got me thinking about outdoor possibilities. So I walked outside with them, and they told me they wanted to become part of the fence in my butterfly garden.
And so here is their new home. They really add a lot of color and interest. And of course, now I want to buy MORE blinds so I can make more of these for other sections of the fence! hmm....we could use new blinds in the bathroom, the laundry room......