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Monday, August 23, 2010

Lil Childrun

Here are my little paper doll children. I pieced these together from photographs, papers, and sight word cards. That was a lengthy process! Then I laminated them, and my hubby cut slits in wooden blocks to hold them for me.
They have such personalities! I'm really loving these, and am sure to make more now that they are finally completed. These will be in my art show Saturday.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Write it on your heart...

Just finished this collage yesterday. It's titled: Very Best. All the collaged text is taken from a very old typing textbook. Now I recall using a similar textbook in high school, while taking typing I and II. Remember the timings?! I loved that class and loved to practice my typing at home on my little portable electric IBM Selectric. That was top-of-the-line technology!
Here's a close-up of the focal point. One of the typing exercises says: Write it on your heart that every day is the very best day in the year. I love that. I keep getting drawn to black and white in my art. Which amazes me, because I'm a color-holic. But it's interesting to see the shades of color in black and white, not to mention the wonderful contrast.

And I just realized that the B in the collage can stand for: baby, boy, balloon, black, best. And I just chose the letter randomly. Must have been using my intuition without realizing it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

countdown continues (to art show)

Another background that I made that seems to stand on its own. This is called "Cascading Thoughts."
Detail of Cascading Thoughts. You can see the layers better in this detail.
"I Want to Play" is more whimsical. I love this vintage photo of the toddler and the dog.
They both look a bit mischievous, I think!

countdown continues

Here's one I made many months ago; I just finally found a frame for it. It's difficult to find square frames! This is called "Again."
This piece is called "Songbird." As I'm looking at it here (why do they always look different to me in a photo?), it has a dreamlike quality. This graceful bird is flying to a new adventure.
Detail of Songbird. I'm lovin these colors together.

countdown continues

This one is called "Reach." I took a background I had made, and incorporated this cabinet card of a lovely lady. I have so many of these, and this one seemed appropriate for the theme. The colors are a bit unusual for me, but I really like them, especially in this burgundy frame.
Detail of "reach." I love how they used to print the name of the person in the portrait, on the card. Her name is Madge.
This one is named after the lady in the portrait, Lillah. She looks so dreamy and thoughtful; I wonder what she was thinking about...
Detail of Lillah. I think she's so sweet and feminine. I just had to put a flower in her hair.

the countdown begins

I am finishing up some odds and ends that have been hanging around, getting ready for my art show on Aug. 28. Lots to do! Here is a detail shot of the following piece, titled "Special." It started out as me just playing around, making a background, but it's so detailed I think it can stand on its own.
and here's the entire piece, framed. The colors and exuberance remind me of Hawaii, and I found this word in my stash. When we were in Hawaii, our hotel would hand out a Hawaiian "word of the day." It seems to fit.
Here's the detail of a piece titled "Light." It's a negative image of a photo I took of birds at the tippy top of a tree. I've always loved this photo.
And the frame is one that I recycled from Hobby Lobby's Clearance Aisle. I decoupaged over it with stained tissue paper that had been embellished. It has a real masculine feel to it, I think.
More to follow!!