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Monday, February 27, 2012

Crayon Drippings

 I have seen these, but never a "how-to" so I figured I would just play around a bit and see if I could duplicate the effect.  It was quite easy!  First, I used a craft knife to slit the papers on the crayons.  I will save some of the wrappings for collage.
 I used an old canvas that had a painting on it that I no longer cared for.  I used black gesso to cover it up, leaving the textured circles that were part of that painting.  Using gel medium, I glued my selected crayons to the top of the canvas.  I did try to put pleasing color combinations together, but I think random would work just as well. Or even all greens and blues would look great on the black.
 I put the canvas on an easel, and used my heat gun to melt the crayons.  It doesn't take much, and it was fun to watch the drips.  If I angled the heat, I could get splatters across the canvas too.  Be sure to put paper towels or waxed paper at the bottom of the easel or on the floor to catch drips.
And here is the finished project.  Some of the ends of the "drips" are not quite attached to the canvas, but the overall effect is pretty cool.  Fun project.

Friday, February 24, 2012

In its own Time

 I just completed an art journal that I created TWO YEARS ago!  I made it at Valley Ridge, in a class with Michelle Ward.  I adored the look of this journal, and still do, but I could not come up with what to put IN it.  After cleaning up my studio, I decided to revisit it, and as with all my favorite work, it pretty much created itself. Sometimes a piece just has to wait for its time.
 The pages were actually created from a single roll of paper; Michelle would guide us through a couple of techniques, and then we would try them on our rolls of paper, let them fall to the floor, and move to the next part of blank paper.  When we accordian-folded the papers, the effect was stunning.  Here I've added various tapes and my own "stickers."
 I love, love, love these colorful squares on the black.  And the little cardboard rectangles mimic the shape in a textured way.
 I had several of these hearts left over from a Christmas card I created years ago, and it is so striking here.  In the background you can see various stencils that were used with watered-down gesso.
Even the simplest techniques--such as the dark lines dragged through with a comb, are super cool.  I will definitely be playing around more with these techniques.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Camera/New Studio!

 I finally purchased a new camera so now I can take photos of my newly-organized and painted studio!  It took about 3 1/2 weeks to do this (not working on it every day), and I am so very happy with the results.  It's a joy to work in here now, amidst my aqua walls, which are both calming and refreshing.   This wall contains letters, numbers, collage clips, tapes, various background papers, my stash of books to alter, my library of resources,  fibers, feathers, and to the right of the lamp is my "works in progress" section.
 Here is my purple hat!  After all, I am Purplehat Artist.  Yes, it looks like a pimp hat, but I love the goofiness of it.  I bought it in Key West, so it has great memories attached to it.  The drawers contain my stamps, and the bookcase houses all my paints, pastels, watercolors, and inks.  Very handy--right behind my work table.  To the right of the bookcase is my Inspiration Board and my Artist's Prayer.
 And here is my work table, right next to the window that overlooks my (now sorry-looking) Pear Tree.  I love the carousels that contain all sorts of tools at my fingertips.
 I created this piece of art specifically for my new studio.  I had the sign already; now it rests inside a drawer that helps inspire me every time I enter the room. On the shelf underneath are my markers, pens, and colored pencils.
 The closet now stores less-used items such as my metals, beads, beeswax & pot, ribbons, and sponges. I also now have a great way to store my collage necklaces, so they don't tangle.
 My craft paints are now easily within sight, and the colors help inspire me from my worktable.  I did throw out a bunch of very old paints, so I will gradually need to replace some colors. My brushes are also here. The drawers hold 3-D embellishments, as well as background papers sorted by colors.  On the wall are charms, tiles, brads, buttons.  EVERYTHING is clearly labeled, which makes it much easier to put away.  It's as if each item has declared a "home," and  I actually enjoy putting things back in their homes now.
And here's a look at my worktable and what I'm currently working on: an art journal about Joy, and an altered book that is waiting for its theme.

I am so glad I spent the time and effort to revamp this room.  It's a pleasure to sit at my worktable now, and I feel more "present" when I do.