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Friday, February 24, 2012

In its own Time

 I just completed an art journal that I created TWO YEARS ago!  I made it at Valley Ridge, in a class with Michelle Ward.  I adored the look of this journal, and still do, but I could not come up with what to put IN it.  After cleaning up my studio, I decided to revisit it, and as with all my favorite work, it pretty much created itself. Sometimes a piece just has to wait for its time.
 The pages were actually created from a single roll of paper; Michelle would guide us through a couple of techniques, and then we would try them on our rolls of paper, let them fall to the floor, and move to the next part of blank paper.  When we accordian-folded the papers, the effect was stunning.  Here I've added various tapes and my own "stickers."
 I love, love, love these colorful squares on the black.  And the little cardboard rectangles mimic the shape in a textured way.
 I had several of these hearts left over from a Christmas card I created years ago, and it is so striking here.  In the background you can see various stencils that were used with watered-down gesso.
Even the simplest techniques--such as the dark lines dragged through with a comb, are super cool.  I will definitely be playing around more with these techniques.

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  1. How interesting! Love the idea of how you made those pages. And then to continue adorning the pages and look how great it is! Another Creative Spirits project!!