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Friday, December 13, 2013


Is HAPPENSTANCE even a word?!  Well, that's the word that popped into my mind for this little bit of creativity.  Sometimes, circumstances just happen!  My daughter recently moved, and was going to discard this gold ornate frame.  Even though it's not my style, I couldn't bear to donate it; it just seemed that I could do something with it.  So days went by, and it occurred to me that it would frame something lovely for Christmas--but what.  Yesterday, while at Hobby Lobby, looking for something else, I happened across this big, bold gold-wrapped flower, and I thought it would be perfect for the frame.

At first, I thought I would hang it from the back, but it didn't look quite right.  So then I searched my stash of vases and bottles for something to put it in, and found a green wine bottle--perfect.  It certainly helps that the wall behind it is red, but any contrasting or dark color would work for this.  I love the look:  fresh, whimsical, and certainly festive.