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Monday, October 12, 2009

Study in Black and White

Here's a scan of my latest challenge: to make a collage of black and white. It seemed easy at first; the contrast of values is built right into the contrast of colors. But then I realized that form and composition also become a major factor. There's not much else to keep the eye interested. I'm very happy with how this turned out; a challenge that I gave myself after taking Laura's class.

The birds photos are done in B & W, with one negative image. The tree roots also done in B & W--a photo from the river. The bluish circular photors are ones I took with my toilet paper tube experiment. And the cupcake photo is a B & W copy of a collage I did just for fun.

I think I want to title it Life Cycle.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Creative Spirits Retreat September 2009

I was finally able to download photos from my camera! Here is Sandy's gorgeous creation from our awesome retreat day.
And here is Gai's "sideways" book, rich with color and texture.

Here is part of April's book and canvas. This is her granddaughter's portrait of her grandmother. I think it fits her perfectly! The colors are so autumn-like.

LOVE those BLUES!! Could this one be MaryAnn's?
Gai, working diligently on her masterpiece.
Here's Nancy working on her Altered Board Book on Canvas. We all followed directions of Shona Cole, who had this project in a Somerset Studio Workshop that we received from Nadine.
MaryAnn, painting her board book. Everyone's project turned out beautiful and oh so unique.
Sandy and Harriet, scheming together. The project called for LOTS of gesso.
Carolyn and April seem to be enjoying themselves. It was a gorgeous day, and we even were fortunate to see a couple of weddings at the nearby chapel.
Mary is quite focused. Loved her blue paint there. Thanks for letting me borrow it Mary!

Most were able to finish or nearly finish their projects, which was a big relief to me! I realized after I made the sample, that it was a little more involved than the directions might lead you to believe. But, we all took our own artistic license, and they all turned out great.