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Monday, October 12, 2009

Study in Black and White

Here's a scan of my latest challenge: to make a collage of black and white. It seemed easy at first; the contrast of values is built right into the contrast of colors. But then I realized that form and composition also become a major factor. There's not much else to keep the eye interested. I'm very happy with how this turned out; a challenge that I gave myself after taking Laura's class.

The birds photos are done in B & W, with one negative image. The tree roots also done in B & W--a photo from the river. The bluish circular photors are ones I took with my toilet paper tube experiment. And the cupcake photo is a B & W copy of a collage I did just for fun.

I think I want to title it Life Cycle.


  1. I rather like this... I think I see some blue. I do enjoy working in black and white and have been challenged by color.

  2. I like that peace comes on top of a cupcake!
    Really a nice collage

  3. I like this too. AND thanks for sharing the photos of the Creative Spirits day since I had to miss!! Hope to catch the next one!!

  4. Very nice. Feels very organic.

  5. I have been wanting to do "white" lately. As soon as we are facing winter, I am thinking of "white". Very nice!

  6. Hi there Marge,

    You challenge is a great one!!! it is hard to do a monocromatic piece but it helps you later on when working with other colors how you use the darks and lights of any color.