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Friday, March 20, 2009

Nesting Box

I bought a nesting box this week from one of my favorite stores, Wild Birds Unlimited. It's difficult to tell the size from this photo, but it's actually rather small. It's designed for a chickadee or a wren. Phil installed it yesterday. It will be interesting to see if a little birdie friend takes an interest in it.

I so enjoy watching the birds, feeding them, listening to their songs. And their antics can be quite entertaining.

In the last few years, birds seem to have a running theme in my life. For awhile (especially when I was working) I used the song of a bird as a reminder to myself to STOP whatever I was thinking/doing, and just enjoy the moment. It became a signal for me to be in the Now. Even in my art, I frequently am drawn to feathers, nests, eggs, and birds. For a while I thought it was the whole "empty nest" thing that I was experiencing, but it has stayed with me, so I now think it is more than that. It certainly has to do with mothering and maintaining a home, but it also has to do with the freedom (flying) I have now in my retirement.

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