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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dance at Dawn

I just completed this piece which I created to hang in our master bathroom. (Sounds like a weird place to hang art!) I recently painted the bath and bedroom gray, and the little niche where this is going is rather dark, so I went with bright colors that would compliment the gray. I think this will do it!

It was basically just a textured canvas, with no plan. I chose a palette from Jacqueline Sullivan,(I had taken a class from her a few years ago) and added a touch of lime green and lots of silver. I used mostly fluid acrylics, a bit of webbing spray, silver leaf, and a sun embellishment I found in my stash that I spraypainted bright silver. On the top left, I felt there was too much blue, so I covered some up with stained tissue papers! I was pleased with that little improvisation.

I actually didn't even name it until I just looked at it here on this blog. That's definitely an advantage to this process--looking at your art from a different perspective. I had already decided that it was happy. As I gazed at it here, it seemed as though someone was dancing in the foreground, and it also seemed to capture the morning sun--from sunrise, to looming large in the sky, shining down on the flower. And that's when the name, Dance at Dawn, came to me.

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  1. Yay, I saw the dancers too. Great work, I'm sure it'll be just great in your bathroom.