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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Today is Shasta's day. Here she is enjoying one of her favorite pastimes: rolling in the snow. She absolutely loves the cold weather. Even on the coldest days we've had, she stays outside, guarding her yard.

The highlight of her day is when Phil takes her for her walk. When the weather is warmer, she gets TWO walks per day--one in the morning with me, and her afternoon walk with Papa. We're lucky enough to have a forest preserve in our backyard that has paved paths, so that's where the two of us always go. She loves to check her pee-mail!

At this moment, she is snoozing under the computer desk, which is where she hides when there's thunder or other loud noises. She's five years old, and napping is another one of her favorite pastimes. Such a loving, faithful friend.

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