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Monday, February 9, 2009

Art Retreat: New Beginnings

Photos from the Creative Spirits one-day Art Retreat yesterday. It was a great time, and it seemed everyone was grateful to get a chance to create in community. We haven't had that opportunity for a long time, and we certainly got into it. I demo-ed a technique for staining tissue paper that I learned on a DVD; quite simple but lots of fun with lots of possibilities for using it in collage. In the afternoon, some of us textured our papers with stamps, strings, coffee grounds, some watched the DVD, while others got right into collaging.

The creative energy was awesome. I hope we get more opportunities to do these. The day did start out quite frustrating for me, as I got so lost trying to find it! As I went home, I realized how easy it actually was to find--IF ONLY I had trusted the directions I got from The Center's website! But I had to get Google directions at the last minute, and it totally confused me. There are several lessons to be learned from that experience, and I shall explore those in my Art Journal later today. But even with that, I was able to tune right into that creative zone, and had a great time. And what lovely, lovely papers were created!

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