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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Postcard Art

Here's a little postcard I made today to send to my great niece in Omaha. Her preschool class is asking for postcards from all over the world. While Joliet, Illinois is not an exotic location, at least her postcard will be unique in that it contains actual art.

It's so interesting to view my art like this. Now that I see it from this perspective, I can see that the purple resembles wings, and that the overall effect is butterfly-like. That was not intentional, but very cool to see. The tiny circles on the right say:Spread Your Wings/Pretty Bird/Sing to Me.

These colors: deep purple, lime green, turquoise, and silver with black and white, are a color scheme I am playing with currently. I'm thinking of redecorating our bedroom using these colors. The walls would be gray, the bedding is black/white/gray with graphic circles, and I'm planning some kind of creative headboard using wood painted black and possibly those faux silver ceiling tiles. The bright colors come in with pillows and other accessories. It's unlike anything I've seen or researched, but it is pleasing to me.

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  1. What a special postcard for this little preschooler. Love the colors and the message. Great start to your blog, Marge!