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Saturday, February 21, 2009

PEAR TREE in Winter

Winter isn't done with us yet! The pear tree looks graceful and pure wearing its coat of white. The lovebirds in the birdbath don't seem to mind. And of course, it's still February. I'm sure there will be plenty more snow and cold before this winter is over.
There IS something calming and peaceful about watching the big snowflakes being blown about. And all of this is necessary for the earth to regenerate--and for all those bulbs I planted last Fall to be ready for Spring. Yes, all of this is true.

And yet I am longing for greenness, as I always do this time of year. Longing for green grass, growing things, the river and our boat, days that are longer and warmer. Like everything else (including the economy), it is a gradual process. I remind myself to stay faithful to the journey. And one day soon I will be posting photos of tulips and daffodils and a budding Pear Tree.

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