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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lovely Chairs

These are some chairs I painted years ago. Each was discovered at a garage sale, and each received a revived life after meeting my paintbrush and acrylics.

They usually sit here, in front of one of my "Chicago Style" windows in the dining room. They add a little pizazz to the area, and when we need extra seating at our round dining table, they're easy to pull over.

Recently these chairs have been calling me in a new way. There is a project called "The Beckoning of Lovely" to which I belong (I am an Ambassador of Lovely--isn't that fun?). I've been thinking that the LOVELY THING I would like to create--perhaps with help from my Creative Spirits Art Group--is a Lovely Chair.

There's something about looking at one of these chairs that intrigues me. The chair itself does seem to beckon you to come, sit for a spell, take in your surroundings, have a lively conversation, sip a cup of tea. It's an invitation to stop whatever you're doing and take a new perspective.

And isn't that what we all need this time of year--a new perspective?

(for more info on the project, check it out on You Tube: The Beckoning of Lovely)

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  1. They are just lovely chairs, Marge! I have a couple of old wooden chairs of my grandmothers and I need to learn more about acrylics! Very nice.