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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Papers from Women's Retreat

On Saturday, there was a one-day Women's Retreat held at our church. Twenty-six women, all ages, spent the day playing and celebrating God's love. As part of the day, I led this mixed media project.
There were seven tables, covered in white paper, and I let the ladies loose with acrylic craft paints. It was so cool to see how everyone played with the paints. Some went crazy, covering every bit of paper with color (like my table).
Others painted little designs and happy symbols all over, using lots of colors.
Then we texturized and let everything dry. Later we came back and embellished with stamping and images and written words.
It looks all crazy, but everyone had fun, even the ones who were leery at first. It was great to see these women let go and play with the colors. The energy in the room was wonderful.
And everyone went home with some papers to use as wrapping paper or cards (or for me, background papers to use for other art). Communal art--FUN.

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  1. Looks like healthy therapy and community. Great fun!