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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

one set finished

I now have one set of claybords done. These are the ones I started Sunday with the Creative Spirits group. I like how they flow together, and yet each one could stand on its own. I just now came up with a title: CYBERSPACE. It's the combination of letters and pseudo writing and outer-space feel. Make sure you enlarge the photo to see the details.

They still need to be varnished, which will bring out the depth more. Love working with the claybord. Thank you MaryBeth Shaw!!


  1. Really attractive and vibrant! Energizing.

  2. You are much detail..I always enlarge photos if I can...I like the details
    There is so much energy going on the colors in the composition..
    now...what's a clayboard?

  3. Well look at you!!! These rock, just love them. It makes my day to see you enjoying the claybords so much :-)
    Hope to see you soon.

  4. Why thank you MaryBeth! Yes, I'll see you in April, as I've signed up for your classes at Valley Ridge.