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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

character creations

I've been thinking for awhile about creating some human characters. I went through my stash of people, and came up with around 20 little kids' faces. Took them to Staples and resized them so they're all close to the same size, and made several copies of each. I didn't realize until I was at Staples that most of them have some kind of hat or other covering on their heads. Isn't that interesting?
So last night I cut out the heads, and a few legs, and started playing around with what I might do. After experimenting with several shapes--circles, stars, rectangles, etc., I finally settled on the triangular shape. It just seems to fit these kids better. Then I took a pencil and began some experimenting with arms. I like the "real legs" effect. I think I may need to find some more legs in my stash.

Last night I woke up around 3, as I sometimes do. I have random thoughts, ideas, song lyrics, etc., swim through my mind. I try to dismiss them, but my mind has a mind of its own sometimes. Anyway, one of those random thoughts was to add a word to each character. So that's what I shall work on today.

Still not quite sure what I'll DO with these characters, but enjoying the process as it evolves.