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Friday, January 8, 2010

Finally am playing around with all the claybord I bought after my class with MaryBeth Shaw last Fall. I have a set of 4 ready for our art retreat Sunday, but I also began on these 8 X 8's so I could keep going with the process. I spray painted stenciled letters on them last night. I wanted to do white, but had no white spray paint on hand, so I settled for what I had--lime green.

Oh, and I also traced an ampersand into one of them, and carved around the outline for depth. Hmmm, I just realized--the claybord's brand name is Ampersand.....curious....

I have no idea where this set is going, but it will be interesting to see if and how the spray paint takes any other color over it. I am going to work on it right now, adding texture. Will post later when I've done a bit more to it. Later, alligator....

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  1. Nothing as intimidating as blank paper or clayboard... that's what I love about life drawing, it's now or never.