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Monday, April 26, 2010

Valley Ridge Studios/MaryBethShaw/Day 4

Here are the four boards we did on the last day at Valley Ridge in Wisconsin. This one is a masonite multi-media board. The texture in the corner is from one of MaryBeth's stencils and Wood Icing. I like the wood icing a lot. It holds its shape and looks awesome. You put it on with a trowel, remove stencil, and let it dry for about an hour. I actually worked on the rest of the board WHILE the wood icing was drying!
Not sure what this board is, but it's similar to the masonite and needed to be gessoed before working on it. I really like the composition and mood of this one. The "rocks" turned out so cool, but it was purely accidental and I am not really sure how to get this look again! Just another art surprise!
This is a DaVinci Board, made of mdf. You can buy big sheets of mdf and cut them into smaller sizes for really cheap. The heart is cut out of felt which adds another whole texture.

And this one is"Yes" brand canvas panel. Of all four, I think my favorite was the mdf, even though you have to gesso it first. It takes a lot of "abuse" . We worked on all four of our boards at the same time, which I totally love. The colors are basically Cobalt Teal and Ochre Yellow. I really feel so much more confident with color now that I understand it better. Thanks MaryBeth!


  1. Some great works there what you've learned.

  2. I'm enjoying your colors too!

  3. Yes, I love the MDf too. I didn't realize I had the urge to be so abusive to my substrates, ha!!
    Seeing your work makes me (as a teacher) so very happy! You moved to a new level.