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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Pear Tree in Pear Tree Studio

Seems like Spring has arrived early this year. The pear tree in the back yard looks ready to burst open in blossoms any day. Usually it doesn't bloom until closer to May. This is the tree I gaze upon from the window in my studio; hence the name Pear Tree Studio. Just like me, it has its seasons, each one amazing in its own right. But the white Spring blossoms are my favorite. Last year, towards the end of its bloom, the grandkids laid under the tree on a windy day and let the flowers "snow" on them as they giggled and rolled around. Sweet memory.


  1. It's lovely...and yes it does seem early...
    Did you decide about Door COunty..are you going

  2. Hi Suz, Yes, I decided to drive up with my stuff. It's close to my birthday, so hubby and I will make a weekend of it. Right now I'm avoiding working on my resume and my artist statement! lol

  3. Nice tree, watching mine open up too!