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Monday, April 26, 2010

Valley Ridge Studio/MaryBethShaw/Day 1

Took TWO classes at Valley Ridge in Wisconsin last week. They were both by the same instructor. I had taken her class last year, and learned so much and had a great time, so I decided to go again this year.

This first class was all about color theory. I had no idea how much I didn't know about color! We made color charts like these for various triads of colors. It amazed me how one can get all these colors out of just 3 colors plus black or white! It has totally changed how I paint and how I choose colors now. I had looked at color wheels before, but didn't understand how they could be used. But by making your OWN using the paints that you actually USE, it makes so much more sense.

And here's our marvelous teacher, MaryBeth Shaw, with her painted, gloved hands. Yes, she paints with her hands! I didn't quite get into it, but I may try it again in the future. Very freeing.


  1. I used to be very intimidated by color.

  2. Ha, I don't remember you taking this photo. The 'hands' painting is a more recent thing for me, after I took a class from Jesse Reno - he convinced me of how grand it is!!