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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new display ledges

Bought some ledges on sale at Kohl's yesterday for our living room. I've been wanting to do this for awhile, every since I saw it on an HGTV show. This way I can switch out my art as I make it, and stop making holes in the wall! There's already a lot of holes there from previous art.
So this works well! Here's my favorite piece next to my "too-heavy-to-wear charm necklace."
The little house I just finished. I aged the exterior and then painted the interior bright turquoise and lime green for contrast. I'll post a photo later of the interior. The Misfits is actually an altered book cover, minus the book. I discarded the book but saved the cover, which is another favorite of mine.


  1. Hi Marge,
    Glad I stopped by. Love your creationss, esp. Misfits and your favorite piece with the egg. Do you have them previously posted somewhere? Just intrigued by how you created them.
    I love the ledges. How do they stay on the wall? I have been hanging frames up to dry on my walls lately after painting them and with my paintings up there too running out of wall space and I can only cover up so many nail holes. A crazy cycle.
    Off to Kohl's to investigate. Thanksk for the idea. Still think you need to wear that necklace, it is awesome!

  2. I DID wear that necklace once, for about 10 minutes! Too heavy!! Thanks for all the accolades. My husband hung the ledges, but they seemed pretty easy; they come with built-in levels. Hardest part was deciding the layout.

    Misfits was done so long ago I forget how I painted the book cover. The red "dress" is a piece of velvet, the legs are tape measure ribbon. I think Mother and Son is on this site previously, with techniques. Look for an earlier photo of it.

  3. The ledges are a great idea! Watch out Kohls - here we come! Love seeing all your pieces - so interesting!

  4. Very cool idea to have out special treasures that can be interchanged. I love your work and the cheerful colors used in your surroundings.