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Monday, August 17, 2009

She's DONE!!!

I finished my altered head today! (See previous post for how she started out.) It's one of those styrofoam heads for placing a wig upon. It feels a bit like a self-portrait, although she looks more serious than I usually am.
Here's the back of her head; took many hours of beading and curling wire! But I love the finished look. The "hair" is a statement about my hair when I was young. My mother did my hair in banana curls, which I totally hated because it was torture. If I didn't sit still, I got a good whack on the head with a hairbrush. Later, in my teen years, I slept in those awful rollers--don't know how I did it. That was before home hair dryers were invented!
Side view. The heavy silver necklace is functinal; it helps weigh down the light head so it can support all those doo-dads. Her "glasses" represent how she sees growth (the spiral) in herself. The earrings are some of those embroidery cards I made (see earlier post of the brooch I made with them).
Her nose is a metallic leaf I picked up at a garage sale a ways back. Although she seems serious, I like that she's not smiling. She is focused on her spirituality and her creativity.


  1. She is one funky gal. Love the hair!
    Sandy M

  2. Oh Marge! She is absolutely wonderful! Sophisticated! Those glasses! I love her hair - lots of work for sure! Love everything about her and all the meanings.

  3. must show us those "embroidery cards" at our next get-together! please, please, please?

  4. OK, I will bring along the head and the embroidery cards. Maybe we should have a "show and tell table"?

  5. What a cool lady, I love her hair, glad she can sleep standing up. Thanks for visiting and your kind comments too.

  6. Those wig holders. My mom had dozens of them but you take them to a whole new level. I love the deeper meaning that each piece has for you. She seems whimsical, spiritual and has your personal stamp. Isn't that what it's all about.

    Would love to see and touch this creation in person.

  7. That's one dignified lady! Full of life and lessons!