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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just finished this piece which has been weeks in the making--only because I've not had time to do it all at once. The canvas is recycled from the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby. (I tend to do this a lot--my way of recycling and also saving $ on canvases.) I saved only the harlequin pattern which was in the border. Did a glaze of red acrylic over the whole thing, then painted over all of it with periwinkle blue and lifted off much of it. Glued a photo of a woven mat I had done for a women's retreat and added some metallic around it. Then highlighted with a light pink and punchinella.

At this point, I discovered this charred heart shape from our outdoor fireplace, and set it aside. Yesterday I added the paper with the circles in it and the photo of the notebook rings, which was salvaged from an old altered book I recently discarded.

I've had the Beatles tune, "All You Need Is Love" rummaging around in my brain for a couple of weeks now, so I went with that theme. To me, the rough areas (cardboard, notebook, straw images) represent the rough times in our life, mingled with the calmer times. But no matter what the time, love is the common denominator. So with that in mind, I finished it off this morning. Quite different for me.


  1. I like it! The colors, the theme, the message. Very nice work!

  2. I sure do too! Love the addition of the heart! Love the name! Very meaningful and very very nice.

  3. Thank you for the encouraging comments. It's always nice to get feedback.

  4. I like that things are floating in your head and work their way out to your canvas! Great stories to tell.