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Monday, July 13, 2009

altered embroidery cards

Just finished this brooch for a friend of mine. She recently moved and found a bag of old embroidery thread, hoops, etc. and asked if I wanted them. "Sure!" I replied, not knowing yet quite what I'd do with embroidery thread, but hopeful.

When I went through everything, I found these little cards that I guess you're supposed to wind your thread around. Since I'm into the charms, I noticed the obvious HOLE in them, and thought--of course--a charm! So I cut them into varying-sized pieces.

I then got out some bright paints and a sponge brush, and just quickly dabbed them all over with the paints, one color at a time. Then I used glossy black and a fan brush for little black specks. I decided to turn them over and paint the backs solid colors, just in case they get turned around.

Then I got out my box of "tidbits" (yes, it's really labeled that) and picked through, looking for bits and pieces to glue on. I have probably 30-40 of these now, all ready to use for whatever.

Hopefully Lora will be pleased with her altered embroidery cards. I can just hear her laugh.

1 comment:

  1. She'll love it! It just sings color and fun!