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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inside Book

Here's the mini book. I have a ton of these little gems. I got them several years ago at a garage sale; they were all in a box, and each book was devoted to a letter of the alphabet, or a number. So they're cute, made out of that thick boardbook stuff, small, and only a few pages.
This one's a little out of focus, but I used clipart from ArtChix that has birdies on it, and glued each to a textured background, and then glued that in the book. The pages were gessoed and then I used a variety of fluid acrylics with small dabs of texture (from the gesso).
Now that I know a little more about color theory, I'm a bit bolder with contrasting colors.
I'm in love with this color: it's Golden Fluid Acrylic Vat Orange (which is really bold and bright), mixed with white. The result is this creamy coral color. Mmmmmm. Next to a little hot pink, it's delicious.
And here's the last page, with my holes punched out, ready for the charms. I was actually able to use a scrapbooking punch tool (by Making Memories) to punch these holes. It took 3-4 punches for each hole, but it worked! I've had that tool for a long time, and never really used it before. Now I have all kinds of ideas for it.

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