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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Book House

Here's my latest project. We are going to be working on these house shapes this Sunday in our Creative Spirits group. I had my hubby cut two more of these shapes for me so I could play before then. Here I've used MaryBeth's stencil to give some stone-like texture to the front, and painted with a wash that I mixed from Hansa Yellow Medium and Black.
As I was rummaging around my studio, looking for ideas for the roof, I rediscovered some cloth beads I had made years ago. They looked very neat as a roof, but I didn't have enough left for the entire roof. So guess who was making fabric beads at 9:30 last night?!
I finished the beads this morning with beads, wire, and/or fibers, then glued them on.
I love how much they add to the structure: color, contrast, texture, and whimsy.

And here's my mini-book that will attach to the house. I decided to attach some charms (as a result of the fabric beads' success), to the bottom of the last page, to dangle. So then I decided to elevate the book so the dangles would be more noticeable. So again, hubby helped me out by attaching these wood blocks for me. He just smiles and takes my art into the garage, and then emerges with my idea!

Will publish finished product when it's complete. One thing leads to another is my motto.


  1. I don't suppose we could borrow him from time to time. l0l

  2. beautiful! Love the beads on the roof.

  3. Too cool! Would make a fabulous centerpiece!