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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

a happy day in the studio

Spent the major part of the day in the studio--YES! And completed 4 pieces. This one is a remake of a canvas that hadn't turned out well color-wise (that was BEFORE I took the color theory class). It had some great texture, so I gessoed over it and repainted with a new color palette. I like it much better now.
I don't know WHY Blogger insists on turning my photos! Lean your head to the left, and you'll see this the way it was intended. This is on a canvas board I had on hand, 6 X 8. I used one of MaryBeth Shaw's stencils and her wood icing. I used the same color palette for all these.
This one took on a life of its own. The texture in the corner is from a stencil. I dripped raw umber across it to mimic tree roots. And then I found this photo I had taken years ago that just seemed to fit. When life doesn't seem to be going well, we must trust that our roots are deeper than the current problem, and our lives will regain the needed balance.
Again, turn your head to the left. Another stencil used here with wood icing. For this board, I collaged all over the entire surface before painting. I've never done that before. And I very much liked doing it that way. When all done, I went back and brought back in some of the collage elements by sanding, tracing over, and outlining.

It was a very satisfying day. AND it was wonderful to work in my newly-cleaned studio!

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  1. Nice color practice! I especially lie the second piece and it stands well sideways.