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Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm going to have my art in a gallery in Door County!!

Last Spring when Phil & I went to Door County, we visited several art galleries. One of them, Charlene's Gallery Ten, in Gills Rock, was especially interesting because the art was quite funky. This is a photo of the exterior of the building, with a large canvas sign attached. In talking with the gallery owner about the art there, I mentioned my love affair with books and that I altered books. She took my card (I had just recently had cards made up for my first art show), and said she'd contact me this year. I was pretty excited about it, but then over the winter I figured it was just a nice gesture on her part, and I probably wouldn't hear anything--that old inner critic taking over.

Well, last week I received a letter and contract from her, asking to send or deliver my art! I am feeling honored, excited, scared, affirmed, cautious, and amazed. So now I'm wondering if I should send my art in the mail or deliver it myself. Any advice on that? I will have to go up there and retrieve any unsold art in November. But perhaps it would be worth doing two trips; not sure. Especially since this is my "first time."

Again, my inner critic is at it: I won't sell anything; she'll change her mind after she sees it; blah, blah, blah. But I'm doin it anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. At the very least, it will be something to put on a resume. Oh--that's something else I have to send her: a resume! What do you put in an artist's resume?! I have no idea. Guess I need to research that.


  1. OH MY GOD....CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DELIVER IT IN PERSON!!!!...ARE YOU KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gills Rock...I love their sunsets!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ask Uta

  2. oh I forgot to say WOOOOHOOOO!

  3. Whoohooo! Guess I'll just HAVE to take a ride on the bike to view your books to make sure they're safe and sound during the summer...Kick the critic in the did it!

  4. Congrats Marge! What a wonderful accomplishment. At first when I saw the image above your post I thought the painting was yours. Then I thought what a cool looking gallery. I have never been to Door County but now that I know a real live artist showing her work up there. Who knows? Elena, you got room on the back of your bike?
    I'm interested in the comments on the art resuem and I'd say "Hand Deliver it". - Shows you care where your art babie's new home is!
    Awesome feat! Ya just gotta believe, my friend!

  5. Wow, thanks for all the encouragement, ladies. OK, you're right--I'll hand deliver my stuff. Big Sigh. I believe, I believe, I believer (how many times should I write it?!)

  6. Congrats! Hand delivery and a mini vacation to celebrate at the same time of course! Haven't been to Door County, so many stories, cousin with bed and breakfast, someday. Keep that grin on, you did well!

  7. Yes - GO! Congratulations, Marge! I have never been to that gallery. Love Door County. Resume' - We got a nice outline from MCS about resume's - if I can find it! Oh, maybe I'm thinking of artist's statement. You'll do it!

  8. Good for you Marge! I'd love to return to Door Co (went there as a teenager with my fam) Congrats!!