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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Photos of Key West

Here are some of the more artsy photos I took while in Key West last week. Talk about inspiration! So many art galleries--I even talked with an artist while he was painting a wine bottle, and he gave me some ideas to try--and the scenery, and just the whole "free" mood of the Keys. My art cup is brimming over..
The water is always an inspiration for me. It is just so elemental, and basic, yet so awe-inspiring. Just to look out at the ocean and breathe in the freshness is so good for my soul.
I was also very much into the trees, and not just the palm trees. Some of the old trees down there are just magnificent. This one, at Blue Heaven Restaurant, reaches up and spreads out so beautifully, and yet some of its base trunk is wound around an antique oven that has been there forever. Such strength.
This door, too, was at Blue Heaven (loved that place--cats and chickens just walkin around, while a lady in a panama hat strums the guitar and you sip on tropical drinks at the outdoor bar while waiting for your outdoor table under the trees.) This door and its color just epitomizes Key West: old, funky, so much character.
These were along the roof line of a patio area where they have music (still Blue Heaven). Love the contrast of green and blue, the glassy color, the pattern and rhythm of the bottles. I have no doubt that all this visual stimuli will be showing up in my art!


  1. What a beautiful trip and beautiful photos! How nice you were able to go and renew your spirit. Does you good, huh? And don't worry about my class - we'll connect sometime or another. Enjoy your memories of Florida!

  2. Love the photos! Quite a few stories to tell through art, eh?

  3. Love your comment-your artist cup is brimming over!! Love the photos!