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Monday, December 28, 2009


Here's what I created today! I've had this collection of wine corks for years, always thinking I'd do something with them, and never knowing what. I wanted to make ART, not a corkboard or trivet or whatever. I had bought this printer's drawer last Spring when we were in Door County, and today when I went into my studio, it called to me. I decided to try an assemblage of some sort, and when I went searching through my stash I ran across a few random corks and thought they might work as part of the assemblage.
Then after rummaging through my corks, I fell in love with them all over again. Each one has its own unique pattern and markings and holes. Each one came from a bottle that was used in a celebratory way--even if it was just a TGIF. So each cork has its own story. I decided to use only corks at that point.
And of course, I couldn't just leave them naked; I played with a few fibers first, and then ran across some beads on a thin wire, and decided to use a few charms also. They attached easily with a straight pin, curled on the end so the charm remains in place. My husband says it's an extravaganza of texture.
I can't decide if I like it better horizontally or vertically. Either way seems to work. I'm very pleased with my day's work. And it felt great to be back in the creativity groove.


  1. I am a "cork saver" too, Marge. They are all so interesting, I agree. Each with their own little names or artwork on them. This is great! Guess I will continue to save!

  2. What a wonderful assemblage! Historical. I prefer it horizontal.