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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

completed Claybord pieces

I finally was able to complete my claybord pieces from MaryBeth Shaw's class this fall. I added the collage elements and varnished them. It's an abstract landscape of the Valley Ridge farm. These two are 8 X 10's.
This detail photo went sideways on me, but you get the idea. The colorscheme is more monochromatic, and therefore quite different for me, who likes lots of vivid colors. This was a challenge to use texture more than color.
Another sideways detail. We carved into the claybord, and then I added more texture on top of that to the "ground" area. I learned so much in this class! MaryBeth is teaching again there next year, one class of color theory and another with painting on various hard surfaces. Looking forward to taking both these classes.
And these are the original 4 claybord pieces I did, 4 X 6's. I love the look and feel of these. They are hanging on my wall. I plan to do more "claybording" after the holidays.

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  1. Interesting techniques. More things to add to next years agenda. I'm very drawn to the 4X6 pieces. Such warmth.