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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here are 4 5 X 7's that I completed yesterday. I went downstairs to clean up the basement, as I have some friends coming over today to do some art, and I rediscovered my gazillions of papers that I made in Laura's class last fall. They were calling to me, so I got to work. Everything was all ready; all I had to do was tear, rip, collage, and iron. This one is my favorite.
This one uses a photo I took of some recycled letters I made for my daughter's bulletin board; she teaches 8th grade science. I think they work nicely here--you have to look at the piece for awhile before you discover the word, which is intended.
This piece is more purply, which is a color I don't often use in my art. The pieces that have the white textured circles are from a photo I took at the Chicago Garden show several years back. It adds a lot to this abstract piece, which has a mystical quality to it, I think.
And this one reminds me of a couple of days ago, when my granddaughter Addison, age 3, and I blew bubbles on the back porch. It was a sunny day, and the sound of her giggles plus the sun (which has been missing for weeks) just made for a memorable moment. These "bubbles" are a photo of a planter, which is one the porch, and is filled with small glass ornaments to resemble bubbles. I varnished all these pieces with high-gloss, which added to the depth quite a bit.
Feels so good to get back into the creativity mode.


  1. Each one is wonderful and with the thoughts you put to them!

  2. you should visit the basement more often..these are fabulous

  3. Looks like a very enjoyable day with quite a wonderful set of creations!