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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Postcard for National Collage Society

I finally finished my postcard for the National Collage Society exhibition in July. The deadline is in 2 days! It's a commentary on the Gulf oil spill. The map is an antique map of the New Orleans area (thanks Nancy!). The background is gessoed tissue paper, painted with acrylics, and I think it resembles an oil spill. The white heron (one of my favorite birds) is a bit wrinkly, but then that sort of goes with the whole idea anyway. And on the cancelled stamp, one of the words that had been stamped on the cancellation is "hurts." It all just seemed to flow together.

But I realized AFTER coming back from the post office, that I forgot to put postage on the return Priority Mail envelope! So I won't be getting it back. There are just so many RULES when you enter any of these exhibits--and I am not one for rules when it comes to my art. Maybe I'm just not used to it, but it's hard for me to follow every little detailed instruction. I hope this doesn't put a damper on my exhibiting my work. That's why I joined the NCS in the first place. I guess I just have to learn my lessons, one by one.


  1. Very cool, Marge! I know what you mean by rules. I try making up a list of all the rules and checking them off as I do them, but even that doesn't always work! I guess it's the right-brain thing goin' on! (or is it left-brain???)


  2. Nice postcard! Maybe they'll accept a another envelope with return postage, sure there's a lot of right brain entries they expect. Usually why they have deadlines!