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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Companion Pieces

Here are two pieces I just completed. I bought these intact frames at HomeGoods, and they had an inexpensive plastic background with a photo of a leaf on them. They were on sale, and I liked the frames, as the center piece stands out from the matted background. So I disassembled them, took the center pieces out, and gessoed them after taping around the border to prevent damage to the matte.

While the gesso was still wet, I etched into it with a wooden skewer, which exposed the black background. Great effect! I then used Quin Gold, Quin Magenta, and Cobalt Teal in fluid acrylics, and just played around with them. The heart is collaged papers that I had on hand, also stained with Quin Magenta and other colors.

I'm happy with the results--cheery looking, I think. And I love that I have recycled something and given it new life. They are now hanging in my bathroom. Odd place for them, but they seem to belong there!


  1. Great Piece and I love the recycling part of the project. Julie-CITW

  2. I like them! I think I need more bathroom art.