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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiled Mirror

The IKEA tiled mirror is complete! Finished it last night. Because the tiles aren't 100% uniform, and the spacing is tricky, it's not perfectly aligned. But I like the look. It looks modern, without being standardized.
I did have to go back and paint the edges of the foamboard black--that was tedious. And then also needed to tack up a few of the corners; that shiny tagboard surface doesn't take the gel medium real well. It would have been easier to go buy black tiles ready-made, but what's the wonder of that?

Stay tuned for the next mirror adventure. I DID buy 8 of them!


  1. Great! You have a lot of patience. I think I would have purchased tiles after having to cut extra foamboard. The mirrors will make great gifts too.