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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Reflections on Kauai #2

(Written 10/21/09): Wednesday Sunrise

I am sitting on the balcony of our oceanfront room. The bird songs called me from my bed....a hint of mango color in the morning sky and a blurry mist out on the water....the ocean provokes feelings of POWER and MAJESTY....of vastness and humility.....the sounds churn up my being as though my body is responding to the energy that crashes on shore. My soul recognizes something here. Something central and basic to us all.

(Written today): What is that central and basic thing? A connection to the water? If so, it is a connection that is physical. The waves, mimicking my breath--in and out. The rushing sound, as though it has something important to impart. I could sit and stare and listen for long periods of time, just soaking it in. It is peace. It is contentment. It is a feeling that, no matter what, I can connect with God and experience this peace. It requires solitude. It requires need. But the promise is ever present.


  1. How beautifully said. I have experiienced the same thing around the ocean or any waves. I also get that feeling looking at a beautiful sky or sunrise or sunset. Say hello to God...

  2. Your photograph is beautiful. I can just hear the trees blowing and smell the air.