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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feather Tree

This is the feather tree I made several years ago. I just added a few more embellishments and placed it in a tin to give it a better base. It carries more heft and meaning now. This is one of the pieces I'll have in my Art Show this Saturday. It is similar to Rita's Legacy (below), but with an entirely different meaning.

It has been a wonderful experience to revisit each of my art pieces, recalling the original feelings and emotions as I created them, as well as seeing new meaning now in each one. I continue to fret that nothing will sell on Saturday, and that no one will even come. And then I also fret that I'm parting with some of my favorite creations. An artist friend of mine once told me that she has to remind herself that someone else may get just as much enjoyment out of them as she does, and therefore it deserves a new home. And I have to constantly remind myself of what a blessing it has been just to go through this process of revisiting my art, so as to get ready for the next stage. My continual mantra has been: I cannot learn to soar without taking risks.

And in some ways that is what this feather tree is about: trying out my wings, experiencing the freedom that I now have with my art. I definitely feel that my art will take off in new directions very soon. And I know that my friend Barb is cheering me on from heaven, with a smile on her face, saying "YES!"

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