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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Orange Days

This morning I found Mr. Oriole was enjoying the orange I set out for him yesterday. I shot this, sitting from my spot at the kitchen table, zooming in through the picture window. Can't believe it came out so clear! If you've never heard the song of an Oriole, you've missed one of Nature's Blessings. It is clear and sweet, quite unique.

It was good to have this little gift this morning, as life is feeling a little foggy these days. Phil's mother, Rita, is in her final days. His sister, Kathleen, has taken her in and hospice is involved. Last night she perked up a bit, ate a little bit of popsicle and actually responded to Phil's good-bye by saying, "I love you too."

This will be the closest I've ever been to watching someone die. So it's a learning experience on many levels. I see each family member responding in their own unique way. Emotions are all over the place--tears, silence, laughter, stories, questions. I see family coming together, expressing their love to one another and to Rita. I see how very important faith is during this process. I see the power of prayer at work. I see how the body physically begins to shut down, and how the spirit waivers back and forth between this world and the next. Yes, I am learning much. Perhaps this is Rita's gift to us.


  1. I lost my Dad on 04 and know what you're going through. So sorry.
    I had to say too that I tried to photograph the Oriole in my tree yesterday too, but he was always behind the flowers! It was so nice to experience it though. Don't see them too often!

  2. This was quite an experience to be present at. I also was fortunate to have my mother at home with me when she passed on. Something you will never forget. An honor.