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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My latest

 Just finished this 3 dimensional piece yesterday.  I've had the frame for while; just couldn't think of what to put in it.  While at Michael's a couple weeks ago, this wooden heart caught my eye.  I've always liked to paint on wood.  So I got out some gloss red acyrylic craft paint and painted the top of it red.  Then I etched into it with something I had on my work table (I can't really recall what it was now!)  I really liked the effect; so much so, that I incorporated this same red/etching into a claybord I've been working on (photo of that soon).

I like the coppery effect on the frame and on the edge of the heart, so I also added some copper tape to the frame.  It's sort of a Valentine-inspired piece, but it also feels spiritual to me.

And THIS!  This is so unlike anything I've ever done before!  Being on Pinterest, I think I get inspired by other artwork, and I always go for COLOR in the middle of the winter.  It's Twinkling H2O's on watercolor paper.  Yes, I love circles, don't I?!

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