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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Time than Money

Day 3 of my Reorganization Project:  I have gone through about 35 issues of Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset.  That's a very heavy stack now ready for the recycling bin! And I have new folders of articles, with labels like Techniques, Christmas, Inspiration, Color Palettes.  Yes, color palettes!  I realized as I was looking at some of the art, I was responding to the combination of colors more than anything else.  I do tend to always revert to my favs of aqua/lime green/black & white.  So now I have a handy reference.  Along with what I now know about color theory, I have new options.

Another tip I came across that resonated with me, was design prompts.  When I am putting the finishing touches on something, I tend to do the same things--add dots or circles, or add text.  By selecting a random design prompt (such as add a strong horizontal, or add something sheer), I will be expanding my bag of tricks.

And I've decided to add an Inspiration Board to my studio.  After reading an article on it, and thinking about how that could help jumpstart my art, I am incorporating that into my new scheme.  But for the time being, I have more time than money, so I will continue on the course I have set, adding a list of "things to get when I have some extra $."

Also, I now have 94 colorful, artsy envelopes, made from beautiful pages of these magazines.

This first step was time-consuming, but it has set the stage for the rest of this project, and I'm so glad I started there.  Next step:  Purging--making piles of Throw Out/Recycle/Give Away/Donate.  I feel lighter already


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