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Saturday, July 23, 2011

50th Anniversary Altered Book

Here is the cover of the altered children's boardbook I made as an anniversary gift. The text says "So Many Years in One Yesterday." The cover is canvas that was texturized with gesso and then painted in a freeform flower shape.
This is my first commissioned book! The theme was to be peonies. I chose a softer color palette than my usual, and spent a lot of time "aging" materials.
I was told that on the day of her wedding, the bride rode on her bicycle down the road and picked peonies for her wedding bouquet. A simple story, and yet it seems so sweet and touching to me. In today's world, brides choose these elegant, expensive bouquets, months before the wedding. But I'm sure the bouquet of peonies was just as elegant and beautiful.
On the left are actual dried peony leaves from my peony bush (which has long since blossomed!)
A 50th wedding anniversary is an accomplishment, indeed. I'm sure there were many ups and downs in a relationship that endures that long. And compromises and growing and sharing.

I hope they enjoy their little book of well wishes. Congratulations Darrell and MaryJean!


  1. Why that is one special book
    and so beautiful
    makes me want to make one

  2. Love it! They must be so enchanted!

  3. Just beautiful, Marge! What a treasure. Yes! I want to do one too!

  4. Way behind in posting...where are you?