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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Claybord Art Pieces

Here are my smaller claybord pieces from my workshop at Valley Ridge. Just finished with the 3rd coat of glossy varnish on them. I think they have a feel of "outer space" to them. The workshop was certainly out of this world!
It's difficult to tell from these photos, but each board was carved into, texturized, and sanded before receiving generous amounts of color: pastels, acrylics, & inks.
The squiggly lines have no message; they are simply pseudo-writing. Love that effect.
These first four were done together, which is why they are similar. They are all small; 5 X 7.
This last one stands by itself. It was an experiment late Saturday night, just playing around. I really had fun with all the techniques we used and do plan on doing more of these. I also have a pair of larger ones, which are an abstract landscape. I need to do some more work on them before they are finished.


  1. uh...what is clayboard?
    You carved into them....I thought they looked dimensional...and very outer the combination of colors and shapes....what fun...

  2. Oh they are so cool! Love the colors. And really curious about Valley Ridge since I hear people talking about this place alot.

  3. I would like to know more about Valley Ridge also!! I love Wisconsin!!

  4. We enjoyed having Marg at Valley Ridge Art Studio.You can find out more about us at
    We are located in SW Wisconsin, and if you go on to the website you can take a peek at our 2010 schedule..Thanks Marg for sharing!

  5. They are rich and warm! What a great learning curve!

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments. So encouraging.

  7. These piece are some great gems lady!

  8. I *love* how these turned out! Valley Ridge simply rocks, doesn't it? I adore the classroom space, the beauty of the setting & (of course) Kathy & Bill :-)
    And, oh Marge, how you make me look good, you sweet thang!!