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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Door County Treasures

Here are some of my finds from our trip to Door County. I fell in love with the birch trees, so I brought home a little branch. The two turkey feathers were discovered in a cute little shop in Gills Rock, for 50 cents each. That's where I found the lovely red hand-made box also. It's made with fine Japanese papers and has a reversible lid. The artist who makes them was actually there that day, just stopping in to chat.

The "rock" was an awesome find at an art gallery: Charlene's Studio Ten in Gills Rock. There were several rocks sitting in a pile, and I was reading the story behind the rocks, when the gallery owner suggested that I pick one up. So I did. It was so light! I loved the feel and the look of it. Then she told me to look closer. I wasn't sure what she meant, but after awhile I could see that it was actually a BOOK! The artist had carved and shaped books to look like rocks. They were incredible. So of course I had to get one! Also at this gallery, I got a pottery mug that is a beautiful ochre color and feels wonderful to hold (not pictured).

And I found a printer's drawer at an antique store, which will be great for a collection of mini-collages. At a bead store, I found some beautiful beads and some square pieces of metal that had holes punched in them. I was thinking of our Tin Ladies when I bought them, but who knows where they'll end up?

Also found an old yardstick. I have several of them now, and some day will find just the right idea for them.

The galleries there are marvelous, and I am so inspired now. My next big project is to design some sort of sculpture for our backyard that will commemorate our 20th anniversary and Door County. Phil can build it, and I can make it "artful." Such a team!

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